Sunday, September 16, 2007


Bristol is 14 weeks old! Time is flying by! She loves playing with her cousin Norah and Tracy and I like the extra company as well. She still gets frustrated trying to do things her body doesn't know how to yet. It's so cute watching her. She likes to do whatever the adults are doing. Sitting up on the couch, standing up (when held of course!), talking and watching everything around her. You can tell that she is really thinking about things by her expressions. She misses her Uncle Jesse and Aunt Tiffany, but she's looking forward to running up to them when they get back! :)

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Dick & Jill said...

We just charish looking at these pictures. Isn't it amazing how fast these little angels grow. Thanks sweetheart for sharing them with us.
Our Love and Hugs to you all.
Grandpa & Grandma Jill