Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bristol's New Hobby

Recently, I have discovered that Bristol loves to climb! I spent most of my life up trees so it didn't really surprise me. This morning was especially funny because she would climb up and I would help her down and next thing you know she's up there again! She thinks it's very funny when I catch her in the act and simply says, "oh, no!" with a big grin on her face.

Bristol is also picking up on Nanaisms such as monkey noises and saying "aw". She has also picked up on a few faces. Look below and you'll see what I mean! :)

Very very happy smile!

Daddy's silly face!

and...the Aunt Heather face!


Tracy said...

I have the CUTEST Niece in the world. I love the Heather face :) And, I was talking to my Mom when she was looking at the pictures and guess what she said..."awww" :)

Gone Waling! said...

Um, she is so STINKIN CUTE.

Emily said...

AW! She's so cute! I love her little flair jeans! Makes me want to pinch her little bummy =P And I LOVE that you posted pictures of the two of you - you're such a pretty mommy :)

Dolores said...

AS I said before, she is growing up too fast. What a little smartie she is. Love the expressions on her face. Grandma G