Friday, October 10, 2008

Where's Bristol?

Bristol hasn't been feeling too well lately, but I managed to get some cute pictures. She's so adorable even when she's sick. One of her favorite games is "where's Bristol?" Enjoy!


Dolores said...

Love this baby girl. So sorry that she hasn't been well. I can relate to that. She is still so very beautiful.
Kiss her for me. Love, Grandma G

Emily said...

Look at those baby blues! Oh my goodness, Ashley, she's so beautiful :)

Dick & Jill said...

Even though this little angel is not feeling well she is still adorable. Please give her a BIG hugh and kiss for us. We Love & miss you all.
Keep the photos coming "They Make Our Day!!!" Thanks
God Bless
Gr-grandpa and Gr-Grandma Jill