Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Willow Journey Walter :)

We had my final ultrasound today. It's amazing that I am getting so close to the end of this pregnancy already. It seems like I just found out! Even in these 3 images you can tell that Willow looks so much different from Bristol. I can't wait to see her in person (although, I would appreciate another 6 or 7 weeks!)
The sonographer was a little concerned about my amniotic fluid last time, but everything looked perfect today. Thank you, Lord, for a healthy baby! She is 4 lbs already so she is helping me out in my goal for a 9 lb baby! Thank you all for your prayers during this pregnancy. God has answered every one of them!

This shot gets to me! Her lips and nose look like a lady to me not just a baby! WOW!


Gone Waling! said...

I reckon you have to be a mom to be able to work out where the baby is in those ultra sound photos. I see the second one-- maybe there's hope! =)

Ashley Walter said...

I think for some of these you really had to be there and see her moving around to get it. I wanted a 3D one so bad! You get to meet her when you come home! yay!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness... those pictures are adorable... her face looks so different from Bristols! I can't wait to meet her :) :) :)