Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have been having so much fun! The girls are growing up so fast! Bristol and Willow are really starting to enjoy each other. Willow finds Bristol very amusing and I just love watching them laugh. I am sure it will be even more fun when Willow can crawl and chase Bristol around the house!

Bristol has even more personality these days(if you can imagine!) She is always playing and having tea parties with her princesses or building them a castle out of legos. She loves to sing and dance with daddy. I will put up a video soon. I haven't managed to record it yet. She is very excited about moving into her new room in the new house. I can't figure out if it's because it's painted pink or the fact that she thinks Nana and Papa are moving in with us! (They were there when we looked at it and she thinks it's their house, too.)

Willow's latest venture is learning to sit up. She is learning very quickly and I don't think it will be long before she can play unassisted. She now weighs over 16 lbs and is 27 inches long (Bristol weighed 18 lbs on her first birthday! I am sure Willow will surpass that!) Besides sitting up she is also fascinated with her feet and the second you put her down she rolls over(even in her bouncer!hah!) She is, also, trying to mimic things that Bristol does! It's so cute to watch them together!


Gone Waling! said...

It is always such a joy to hear of genuinely how much fun you're having as a mom!

Dick & Jill said...

Hi Sweetheart: What great pictures.The little darlings sure do grow fast don't they. Sorry we can not get back there for Jason's BIG EVENT. We are so proud of him for hanging in and getting his degree.

We pray that you guys will be in YOUR NEW HOME for Christmas. Please keep us posted.
Love Grandpa and Grandma Jill

Dolores said...

Love the pictures. Enjoyed being together today for Thanksgiving. Love those two little girls. Bristol is learning to do so much so fast. She is a good teacher for Willow. Grandma Dolores