Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life in Tennessee

We have been living in Tennessee for 4 weeks now. It is strange to be away from everything we know, but this place feels like home, too. The girls love it here. We have done some sight seeing and there are so many fun places to go. 
We arrived on a chilly Tuesday morning and we noticed some flurries on the drive up which made the girls so happy. Once we were inside our townhouse, a short and sudden snow storm started and we could barely see across the parking lot. It got so bad at times we had to stop unloading the Uhaul. How kind of God to give us a welcome like that! The natives were not as enthusiastic. :) Since then, there hasn't been anymore snow, but the weather has been gorgeous. We spend as much time outside as possible.
We have met some fun people and the girls have even made a few friends. We have been going to a church nearby and attended their Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. The kids loved it! 
Vito has grown so much in the past month. His top teeth came through, he learned how to get into a sitting position by himself and he is now speedily crawling across the room. Time to start baby proofing! He is just shy of 30 inches tall and weighs 18lbs 2oz. The same size as Bristol was on her first birthday. I have a feeling this boy is going to be quite tall! 

(Photo taken from Dave Ramsey's Twitter. This is the FPU parking lot the day we arrived.)

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