Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bristol, the big sister :)

We decided that it was time to start the process of switching Bristol to a "big girl" bed. To our surprise...she loves it! We put her to bed the very first night and she knocked on her door once and got right back in bed. She says, "Goodnight!" to all her friends and sleeps wonderfully. Thank you, Lord, for making that transition so easy!

Tonight, we had Bee and Ste over to watch a movie and Bristol was playing quietly in the other room. I should have known that she was up to something mischievous! She came into the room covered in something powdery. She ran back into the living room and revealed her masterpiece! My daughter and living room were covered in powdered sugar....I guess it's time to get a lock for the pantry. We were all laughing so hard! As I cleaned up the mess, she kept coming up to me and saying, "Sorry, Momma. I made a mess." What a priceless picture! It was well worth the clean up time! :)


Debi said...

Ah - I love it - such a little baker. Be glad she didn't get into your fondant!!! Now that would be a real mess! Love you!

Dolores said...

This is precious!! Her PaPa put butter all over his shoes when he was a little guy. Get ready for more fun. Grandma G