Monday, August 31, 2009

Sister Time!

Bristol was holding Willow and decided that she wanted to teach her a few things.
#1 Shaking hands - "...then you say, 'Nice to meet you!' "

#2 High Five

#3 Pound it - Willow apparently couldn't figure this one out and looked rather perplexed.

Bristol gave up and decided they could just watch some TV for a little while! :)

Willow is getting so big! She's 11 and a half pounds already and smiling all the time! She's so happy! Bristol is having a great time as the big sister. She loves Willow so much. I am thoroughly enjoying this season of life, but it will be so wonderful to watch them play together when Willow gets bigger. I'll post more photos soon of my girls together!

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Alli said...

They are so adorable together! What a great big sister. :)