Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bristol Morning

This is a pretty random post, but Bristol has been growing up so fast and she's so funny! I wanted to share with you all the things she does that makes me laugh. She's got so much personality! :)
She has so much energy throughout the day, but then crashes in a matter of seconds! I love catching her sleeping all over the house!
Every morning she wants to sit with me during my quiet time and drink her coffee (chocolate milk). It's a great time with her and I hope that she will continue to enjoy time set aside for God.
She gets very worried about Willow when she cries.
"Momma, Willow is crying. You need to go get her!"

I took Bristol with me when Willow had her last check up. When the doctor came in Bristol asked him, "Are you the Doctor?" He said he was and Bristol replied, "Willow is fine!".

She has caught on to the fact that I want her to gain weight and she uses that to her advantage. Every night when I am getting her ready for bed she tells me, "But, Momma, I am so hungry."

Aubrey and Phillip took her to Wendy's and the airport with them while we were at a wedding. Aubrey dropped Phillip off and Bristol's response was, "Phillip is gone and he took my french fries!"

This morning she climbed into bed with us and her shirt was rolled up. "Oh, no! My belly is showing!" I took this as a good time to tickle her. "No, Momma, I do not want you to tickle my belly!" (Jason has been correcting her grammar so she makes sure it's correct.) I tickled her again and she said, "No, momma, you are disobeying!"

I am so blessed by both of my girls! I love them so much! I hope you enjoy these tid bits of her life as much as I do! :)

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing these stories! So much fun to hear about your girls! :)