Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All bundled up for a chilly outing!

Bristol was very excited about going out in the cold with her new headband. Willow just played along. :)

Poor Willow. Her cheeks are not fond of this cold weather and have been pretty chapped. They are all better now, but she has skin ointment on in the photo(that's why her cheeks are pink and shiny.)

Willow - doing her daily push-ups. :) She is barely crawling and already trying to get to her feet so she can walk. It's so fun to watch!

My sister took this while she was babysitting the other day! So cute! :)

...and Bristol....just being Bristol! This girl cracks me up! She has more personality than anyone I have ever met. The other night she pulled at Jason's hand and said, "Daddy, get up! Get up!" Jason replied, "I don't want to get up." I busted out in laughter when she said, "Daddy, you need to get up and see what happens."

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Dolores said...

Love the pictures. Looks like Bristol and Willow are loving the outdoors. Summertime will be even more fun. Grandma D