Thursday, February 11, 2010



 I will do a better photo shoot with the girls soon, but I figured it was better to post something now and worry about that later. :) 
The first two photos are from tonight. Both the girls fell asleep and looked so adorable I just had to take their pictures! Bristol is getting quite the collection of plush Disney Princesses and they all have to be tucked in with her at night. It's almost like "Where's Waldo" when I go in to check on her some nights! :) 
We went to the grocery store tonight and Bristol is famous for walking around and not paying attention to where she is going. She ran into the corner of an aisle and busted her forehead up pretty good. We let her pick out a treat to make her feel better(Princess cookies.) I put a band-aid on her head and gave her the cookies when we got home and she separated them into the different shapes! Maybe I watch too much Monk..... :) 
I really need to post some new photos of Willow! She is growing so fast! She has two teeth, loves to eat everything, is sharing clothes with Bristol now and pulling herself to a standing position on whatever is in reach. Time to baby proof again! She'll be walking around the house before too long! 
We're having a blast in our new home! Jason is home with us for a while and will be painting the outside of the house soon. I will post before and after photos when he's finished!

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