Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Growing Up

Bristol has her first adult tooth and we are anxiously waiting her loose tooth to fall out. I am definitely not ready to see her looking more like a grown up kid with adult teeth. :(
Willow is getting so big and she looks so much older than she really is. I thought it was time for a "little kid" photo shoot before turn into teenagers! (at least that is how it feels) Part of me wants them to stay little forever because they are so cute and sweet and we have so much fun. The other part of me feels the love and growing friendship we have and desires to see it grow as they turn into little ladies. I so much enjoy spending time with them and having conversations with them. They certainly keep me laughing every day. Enjoy the photos!


Tiffany said...

Precious girls! They are blessed to have you as their mommy :)

Kerri McDermott said...

Ashley, your girls are so precious. I wish I could love them in person <3